A Busy Week! 

As promised, I will share with you Our adventures after Farher’s Day. I decided to take this week off because of my birthday, Father’s Day and for those who may remember, We were told Duncan had cancer on June 21 four years ago. I thought it best to have this week to myself. Originally I made no plans, but then things just started happening! 

Maura and I left for the beach for three nights the day after Father’s Day. We were joined by Grandma and Uncle Tom for one night and day. Maura was so excited to go to the beach, but then was petrified to go into the water until Uncle Tom came and carried her in! She did love playing in the sand and making sand castles. She also loved the pool and was less afraid of that water. 

We had a very nice three days and traveled back on my birthday, where my Mom surprised me with a nice birthday dinner. We also had to get ready for our next adventure!  

You see, I had been contacted by my cousin Peggy who lives in Boston, that she would be visiting the D.C. Area and would love to see us. Well, we couldn’t pass that up seeing Cousin Peggy and Cousin Sean! So, Maura went on her first ever train ride! We had the best time and we even got to spend the night with Uncle Charles and Aunt Qian! 

We walked many blocks, with me needing to educate Peggy that Maura is too heavy to be carried now! We went to the Natural History Museum, and had a great time exploring. We live seeing family! The best part was when we were watching a movie on the Ocean and Maura’s favorite part was the moving letters! 

We also saw Mount Vernon, which Maura actually had quite an interest in! I need to get her a book on George Washington! 
The Amtrak train back was fabulous too. We accidentally ended up in the cafe car with a table and a big window to look out. Maura really enjoyed it and I am glad that at least this one time we took the train instead of driving! 

So, that was our jam-packed week, now we have to hunker down and get back to school and work! 

Enjoy our pictures and we will see you soon!

Father’s Day, and Other adventures

I know many people may have been thinking about us today. Father’s Day is different this year, of course, but we still acknowledged it. Duncan is never far from our minds on any day, so today was no different. The cemetery where Duncan and my father is buried had a balloon release today, so we participated in  that. Maura and I were discussing on the way to the cemetery that Duncan does not need a car in heaven because he has wings, so he will certainly be able to catch his balloon. 😊

After that, we went miniature golfing, which was a favorite activity of Duncan’s. Maura is still not very good at miniature golf, so I let her cheat a lot! Not sure what Duncan would say about that! 😉

But I must say before today I was quite busy this weekend. You see, my 40th birthday is this Thursday, so some of my family insisted on taking me to the Hershey spa this past weekend. It was quite a treat! My Mother kept Maura for three nights, God Bless her, so I could enjoy myself. Thanks Mom! We invited my Mom to the spa, but she would rather watch a four year old all weekend than be forced to lie on a massage table! 😆

The night before the spa, I participated in the relay for life with my brother Joe and his girlfriend Teresa. It was a lovely and sad event. We shall continue to remember Duncan always. 

There are more adventures to come this week, but you will have to stay  tuned to find out! Enjoy these pictures from our full weekend!

Hershey Spa!

Balloon launch

Maura’s rules for golf!

Fireworks, Mother’s Day, and other adventures

As I write this, Maura and I have just returned from Sesame Place where we spent the afternoon  and stayed to see the fireworks. Well…we sort of did! It started raining 45 minutes before and we sat it out because Maura has always wanted to see fireworks. Until they actually started and Maura was petrified and we had to leave immediately! It was quite a night! Maura has realized she no longer needs to see fireworks. 😆

In other adventures, Maura had a bullying incident at school and a great visit to the dentist all in one week. 

I am sorry I missed Mother’s Day…I want to wish a happy Mother’s Day to all the mother’s out there! 

Maura also does her best to educate her classmates about her dead father… she competes with these smarter kids who tell her that people don’t die from being sick and that people dying isn’t real. Those preschoolers…they know everything! 🤔 Poor Maura! 

So life continues to be interesting…We are trudging through life doing our best as we approach five months without Duncan. 

We hope everyone is having a safe and Happy Memorial Day.

Strawberry Festival at Peddler’s village.

Fireworks in the rain!

Walking for Duncan!

Today Maura and I walked the For Pete’s Sake Walk! In honor of Duncan. This is the organization that sent our family to Florida in July 2014. It is a great Family fun event. Duncan had always wanted to do it, but he was always too sick. 

So today, Maura, my brother John, sister Erica, Aidan and Keira and I walked, along with my good friend Christine, her husband Steve, and their two girls Ava and Emma. We walked in honor of Duncan. I made shirts with a picture of Duncan from the Florida trip. The story of making the shirts is a whole another story! But I learned a lot for next year!

There were lots of activities for all to enjoy! Maura had a great time. John and Aidan got to tour the locker room. We all got to walk the bases and take lots of pictures. John even won a kids bike!

There was a picture of our family displayed from our vacation, as well as Duncan’s name displayed in honor of those who died this year. We were all thinking of Duncan and all that he meant to us. 

We did not fundraise as we could have, but hope to next year. Everybody had a wonderful time and we plan on doing it again next year! Come join us! 

Maura’s Birthday Part 2

I am a few days late but I have to update you on Maura’s fabulous princess party!! Princess Aurora arrived, who is Maura’s BFF, and sang, read and played games with Maura and her friends! Maura had the best time and totally believes Aurora was a real princess!

It was a Good Day

As everyone knows, this was our first Easter and Maura’s first birthday without Duncan. It was hard not to reflect that four years at this time we were so happy and we did not even know he was sick. 

But Maura and I made the best of this past weekend. We took a girls trip to Lancaster on Friday. This has always been a favorite place for our family. We stayed at a family friendly resort, took a buggy ride, and I even introduced Maura to the game Hungry, Hungry, Hippo! Maura and I did visit the cemetery on our way back. 

Today we had nonstop celebrating with Maura having to find her Easter basket which had been hidden by the Easter Bunny! We had also grown lollipops in the front yard. Not recommended, the ants really liked them! 😳 She had to follow the clues to find it! She also opened a couple birthday presents from Mommy!

Then we went to breakfast with much of the Magee clan, followed by church. Maura told everyone it was her birthday! 🎉🎁

Then we headed over to Grandma Magee’s for Easter egg hunts, birthday and Easter Dinner and more presents! Nana was there too for extra special fun!! 

But a special part was that several of  our family members wrote special memories of Duncan and put themm in plastic eggs, which Maura and I read before bed tonight. Our nephew Aidan gave permission for me to share his below. 

We hope everyone had a blessed Easter as we continue on our journey. 

Before we saw the ants! Yuck!