Maura loved having Grandma with us!!

Mom: Coffee, Maura: Water Ice, guess who was more sensible??

Hoop De Doo Musical Revue!!

Maura loved Anna!


A Magical Adventure!!

Hello!! We are back! We had a very busy, magical week at Disney World. Maura loved every minute of it! My Mom and I enjoyed ourselves too. 😊

First, The surprise part of it was funny. We woke Maura up at 4:00 am and told her we were going to Florida. She was barely conscious and then she never connected it to Disney World, even when there were pictures and things all over the airport. When I finally told her, I think she did not totally grasp it. She got excited, but then was begging to go to the playground! I thought it was funny. But once she figured it out, it was all about the princesses! We had to go find every princess πŸ‘Έ We chased princesses for days! 

We even had Dinner with Cinderella, the prince and the evil stepmother and stepsisters. When I told her the stepmother was going to make her do chores, she jumped underneath the table! 😊

We also did Halloween at Disney!! We trick or treated, and Maura went with me on the Haunted Mansion ride, one of my favorites. We saw the Halloween parade and the fabulous fireworks. 

As you will see, my Mother also went. Maura loved having Grandma with us! I was glad she came because my Mom doesn’t really go on vacation. She has never really seen Disney World. We stayed at a Villa, which made it better for my Mom, who like the comforts of a home. I think she really enjoyed herself. I am so glad, because she has been such a blessing to us. ❀️

Ok, enough talking! I will have a couple posts just of pictures, there are just too many to share! Enjoy! 😊

A Disney Pickle!

Maura really loves the water!

Maura chickened out at the last minute, but cute anyway!

Pixie dust!

Crazy adventures and a big surprise!Β 

First-quick update-life is getting back in rhythm, Maura started Pre-K and started back with swimming and gymnastics, which had stopped when Duncan died. She loves both, although she doesn’t like being splashed in the face, which is a challenge in swim class! She is also still wearing her patch four hours a day.  

So what was the crazy adventure? I’m saving my big surprise for last.πŸ˜‰

Well, last weekend I started having trouble with my storm door lock, when the lock kept slipping on it’s own. This was a problem because there is no key for this door. I called a locksmith to replace it, but they couldn’t come out right away. So I tried to be really careful. However, at 5:45 Sunday morning, I went out to my car to get a box while Maura was sleeping. The gravity of the door shut it behind me before I could stop it. It did just as I thought, it locked!! I was barefoot, had no phone and no way to get in my house, with Maura upstairs. And it was 5:45 and dark. I checked the back door out of desperation, but that was locked. I had to think quickly. I knew I had to wake a neighbor, so I picked the best one. A builder who lives across the street. By the grace of God, his father was awake and quickly helped me pop the lock on my front door. His name is Jim and I made him cookies!! I love Jim! I am still working on getting the lock replaced, we wedged the lock out of the door, so it just props the storm door open. A new lock should be in this week! Craziness! But thank goodness for great neighbors! πŸ˜ŠπŸ™

So, enough of that, what is the great surprise? Well, unbeknownst to Maura, we are leaving for Disney on Sunday!! Last year, before Duncan died, I won a five day, four night stay at a villa in Florida. It is bittersweet, of course, because he is not with us. But Maura deserves this wonderful time. We even have a reservation to have Dinner with Cinderella! Maura is going to freak out.  We are not telling her until we wake her up Sunday morning. I will definitely video her reaction! Can’t wait! 

So I know all of you will be checking the blog later this week! Here are some pictures to tide you over!


Playing field hockey at my alma mater!

The cursed lock

Praying for Family!!

Hello! So, I am a little ashamed I did not put out this post two weeks ago. But I am thinking about all of our family that may be affected by these terrible hurricanes. My brother Rob, sister Michelle and their family were spared by the hurricane in Houston, although they live right outside. We were in constant contact with them all that week and we are so grateful they are ok.

But now we have Irma. I am thinking about my Uncke Jack, my cousin Kathy,and other friends. We are praying for their safety and that the storm is not what they are predicting. 

Maura and I love  guys and are thinking about you! ❀️

But now 

A Dedication

Hello again! When Duncan died, four women that I went to high school with sent me a card telling me that they were having a memorial dogwood tree sent to me in Duncan’s honor. It was a beautiful gesture, but I will have to tell you my first thoughts. You see, I know nothing about any type of tree. I cannot be trusted with plants in my house. Duncan was the same way. Let me tell you a little story….

When we moved in, there was a rosebush in front of our house. It was beautiful. But Duncan and I did not know how to take care of it, or trim it. So it grew and grew. It started to take over the porch. Of course, Duncan was getting sicker, so we didn’t care that much. Until I was reading my hospice notes, which said pathways should be clear. Then all of a sudden, I freaked out. I called our landscaper a few days before Christmas and told them to rip that sucker out. They came on Christmas Eve, while Duncan was dying upstairs. I was so relieved. Someone said time later that that is something I had in my control. Maybe-but the bottom line is-I can’t be trusted with anything that grows out of the ground. 😳

But back to the tree. So I decided to donate my tree to my work, The Lenape Valley Foundation. They have other memorials there and best of all, someone to help me plant it! 

No, seriously (actually I am a little serious), I picked LVF because I knew Duncan would like it there. He believed in helping people and he believed in the mental health system. He knows what a difference getting the proper support can make. 

Lenape Valley, in particular, has been so supportive to me, I couldn’t think of a better place. 

The staff at Lenape Valley were so grateful, in fact, that they planned a dedication ceremony, and paid for a memorial plaque, although I chose the inscription. Maura was there, along with my Mom, brother Tom and many of my wonderful coworkers. 

The song “For Good” was played, which is from the musical Wicked. If you have not heard it, I suggest checking it out. Maura danced around the tree while the song was played. It was truly beautiful. 

We are so grateful for the love and support from the women that sent the tree and the wonderful agency I work for. 

Have a wonderful holiday weekend!