Maura turns six!!

Hello out there! Not sure who is still reading this, we’ve been gone so long! But I thought today I would post on this special day. Maura had a great day celebrating at school and at home. 

To catch up, here are some highlights from the last few months! 

Maura had her two teeth out!

Father Daughter Dance with Uncle Joe!


Maura starts Kindergarten! 

You are probably like, why is blogging all the time now?? But I have to say, I think we are starting a whole new chapter, with Kindergarten! 

It had been Duncan’s wish to make it to Maura’s first day of Kindergarten, and so it seems fitting that I should start documenting more now that she has started this new journey of real school. I will admit, it does feel very different. I have much less access to what she does, then I have for the last five years! 

But Maura is in a really good school and she really liked her first day. She shared a pencil with some little boy who needed one, so  I know we have kindness down! 

She also noted she was not the only child with glasses, which I know helped. She does not have to wear her eye patch to school. 

So stay tuned for more “ Maura’s adventures in Kindergarten” At least I know she always has a guardian angel watching her all day! 😇❤️

More Summer Pictures

For some reason my summer pictues did not load into my previous pictures. I want to highlight our shore trip with my brother Rob and his family. Rob is leaving to live in Angola Africa for three years this weekend! My sister in law Michelle and my nephew John, niece Amelie and nephew James will follow him soon! 😳❤️

Duncan’s 2nd Birthday

Hello blog readers! You are probably wondered what happened to us. I have no good excuse, except this summer has been a little strange. 

For your viewing pleasure, I will throw in a couple extra pictures from the summer. But today is Duncan’s Birthday. He would have been 54. Maura and I spent the eeekend remembering him and doing his favorite things, including going to an amusement park. We had a little party for him tonight, of which Maura took control of! 

We tried to see Nana on Saturday but I got my first ever flat tire on the highway. Duncan got us to a safe spot to pull over, but we need to reschedule with Nana ☹️

I thought doing more fun things was a better way to remember Duncan for Maura, but this morning Maura asked to go to the cemetery to bring him flowers. She wants to give him something for his birthday. 

We read “The Invisible String” which is an excellent book about how we are always connected by a string of love.

I am so glad we have happy memories we can hold onto on this day.

I will leave you with some birthday pictures and some summer pictures. 

If you wonder, Maura has a new challenge of wearing her eye patch all day on the weekends, but her reward will be a stay at a hotel, so she’s up for this challenge! 


Today Maura graduated from her school that she started when she was 8 months old. It was not our intention when Maura was born to have her in a regular daycare, because we thought Maura could attend daycare at Duncan’s job. You can see why that plan didn’t work. 

So we enrolled Maura in Play and Learn where she thrived for the last four years. Our lives are very different now and I will admit that today was a day of very mixed emotions. I am so proud of Maura and so very sad that Duncan could not be there to see it. 

We are so grateful that Maura’s Nana could join us. Maura starts a new adventure on Monday. 

Happy 80th Birthday Nana!!

So I am a day late posting this, but Maura and I spent yesterday afternoon celebrating Maura’s Nana, Susan On her 80th birthday!!

We took her to her favorite restaurant, where both Maura and Nana got special desserts! MUr got a special dessert just because she was cute! I think I am pretty cute, but I guess the waitress did not agree!! 😅

Nana even helped Maura work on her homework which Maura insisted on bringing to lunch! Maura loves learning her sight words! So proud of my smart girl! 

Anyway, it was a super special afternoon and we are so grateful to have Nana in our lives! We know Duncan was smiling down! 😇